About Topcampings

Celebrate your holidays at the most beautiful holiday campings in the Netherlands and Belgium. At Topcampings Holiday Campings you can do and experience lots of fun things. And nearly all of that is included!


Topcampings Group Holiday Campings is one of the largest private recreation companies in the Benelux. The philosophy of Topcampings Group Holiday Campings is that a great holiday should be accessible to everyone. The organisation is known in the industry as a contemporary and trendsetting recreation company, a company with vision. Characteristic of the Topcampings Group Vacation Campings are the concepts of 'quality', 'safety', 'hospitality', 'child-friendliness' and a complete holiday offering.


Peter Gillis, sole owner and founder of the Topcampings Group Holiday Campings, has ensured rapid growth of his group with his resolute actions. With Hengelhoef, Blauwe Meer, Prinsenmeer, Marina Beach, Parelstrand, Arnhem, De Berckt, Brugse Heide, Heelderpeel, Boschbeek and Slot Cranendonck the group now has 11 very well visited holiday campings. Each one surrounded by the most beautiful nature reserves, offering numerous interesting possibilities for exploration and experience.


Topcampings Holiday Campings collaborates with various organisations, such as the Vakantiebank Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation and Foundation Verwenevent. For each organization we play a significant role in providing assistance. Read more about these projects here.


The campings are also known for their extensive entertainment. Unique to the concept of Topcampings Holiday Campings is that for guests almost all facilities are included in the price. At each camping you will find a very varied and high quality range of swimming, sports, games, catering and entertainment facilities and activities.

We wish you lots of holiday fun!